12-Point Circulation Checkup -

12-Point Circulation Checkup

Rebecca Sterner offers a low-cost 12-Point Circulation Checkup. The check-up will review your reports and circulation marketing materials, and offer suggestions for improvements in your circulation program.

For $350 for each title, you will receive a report that grades the following components of your circulation program, along with recommendations on improvements you can make to be more successful:

12-Point Circulation Checkup
  1. Circulation reports. Are you looking at the most important things? Do your reports allow you to make good decisions about the direction of your circulation program?
  2. Renewal series. Is your renewal series working the way it should? Do you need to add or cut efforts? Is the timing of the efforts correct?
  3. Source review. Which sources are you using to gain subscriptions and single copy sales.
  4. Newsstand covers. Are they helping or hurting sales?
  5. Direct mail. What is your testing program? What can be done to improve results?
  6. Website subscription promotion. Can you do anything to increase subscription sales?
  7. Email promotions. What have you tested, and what do the results tell you about improving your email campaigns?
  8. Insert cards. What can you do to improve their performance?
  9. Telemarketing. How are you using it, and can you do better?
  10. Sampling/waiting room copies. Is there a good reason for you to give away free samples of your magazine?
  11. Billing series & selling subscriptions on credit. Are you having pay-up problems or keeping your circulation artificially low because you’re afraid to send bills. Is your billing series working correctly?
  12. Gift program. How do you promote subscriptions to gift givers? How do you renew them?

To make an appointment for your magazine’s Circulation Check-up, contact Rebecca Sterner.