Boston Review Email is Simple & Effective

Boston Review Subscription Acquisition Email

Boston Review steals a page out of the social media playbook.

Social shopping sites have not been quick to embrace/accept offers from magazine publishers.  Most of the ones I have seen are for city or regional magazines.  Results for these titles show a hefty percentage (in the 25% range) are from existing subscribers.   They also tell me that a significant portion (in the 40% range) never redeem the deal, which is good for cash flow, but not for rate base.

My sources tell me that they tend to get about 10% to renew.

Even though we can debate the value of social shopping networks, one thing we can take away from them is how to put together a nice promotional email.  This example offering Boston Review magazine has a lot going for it:

1.  It’s simplicity itself.  All the ingredients are there in one cleanly designed presentation that looks good on a desktop/laptop or mobile device.

2.  Its call-to-action button (“View Deal”) is strong.

3.  The prominent “$15” makes the deal look irresistable.

4.  All the requisite pricing info is there to satisfy any auditing company.

5.  What more do I need to respond?  Nothing.  I can make a split-second decision, get to the landing page.

My only quibble is that there doesn’t seem to be any benefits or product positioning copy.  But I can get that from the “Learn More” link so it is not much of a quibble.

Lesson learned:  Maybe magazine publishers should emulate social shopping sites in our own direct email promotions.