Direct Mail Outer Envelope Test Idea

Overheard at the CDS Global Summit earlier this week…

Putting your offer on your direct mail outer envelope can increase response. Folks from Meredith and Minneapolis-St. Paul magazines revealed that outer envelopes with off copy have become their controls.

I put some offer copy on a Poetry magazine outer envelope flap. It wasn’t the only thing we tested on this outer, but the outer beat out the control significantly. It says:  SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS OFF THE NEWSSTAND PRICE.  IT’S LIKE GETTING 5 ISSUES FREE.

You can add offers to the back of the envelope, the front, or the flap. A simple thing to test, and it might make a real difference.

Poetry Magazine Direct Mail Promotion -- Outer with offer copy

An example of how you can add offer copy to a direct mail outer envelope.