Direct Mail Results in the Pandemic

Clients are calling me to ask about whether they should mail their planned direct mail campaigns. They answer, as always, is . . . it depends.

I can report that I personally coordinated 5 direct mail campaigns that dropped in March or April. Two are doing better than budget. One has bombed. The other two are right on plan.

There were no disasters in postal delivery. There doesn’t seem to be any widespread fear that you can catch a virus from mail.

People seem to welcome mail and want to subscribe to magazines that help them in these times — things that help them cope, things that give them information on what’s going on in the world, or things that just distract and entertain.

I am seeing similar results with email promotions. Most are doing at least as well as they did before the pandemic.

I suggest that if your email campaigns are doing well, your direct mail should do okay as well.

I think back to the Great Recession and which publishers did well. While publishers are smart to conserve resources during times of uncertainty, it also makes sense that if you don’t market