Freedom of press under attack by U.S. government — and you should care!

I recently visited the Newseum.  Everyone who works in this business (and every American) should visit — it gives you a greater appreciation for our freedom of press.  Looking at the wall of photos of journalists killed in the line of duty is especially sobering.  It’s not that far from the capitol — perhaps all of our representatives and senior members of the executive staff should visit, too.

I rarely get on a soapbox in these blogs, but this is an exception.  I believe that freedom of the press is what makes Americans free.

But now this freedom is under attack.  The Department of Homeland Security has started a plan to monitor the public activities of journalists and to gather information about them including their “sentiments.”  Read about it in a Forbes article.

If you are a member of any form of media, or if you are an American, I encourage you to contact your representatives and voice your concern.