How are you solving your advertisers’ marketing needs?

During pandemics and economic downturns, advertisers scramble to replace lost ad revenue.

I have found the most successful publishers are ones who don’t focus on ad pages sold, or online sponsorships, or what the advertisers can give the publisher.

Instead, they help their advertisers solve problems or become better at selling their services and products.

One publisher, Custom Built Publishing LLC, produces LBM Journal and events for building materials dealers and distributors, does this very well.

They provide their advertisers with sophisticated research that tracks the effectiveness of their ads, including how the ads influence buying decisions.  They believe that this is so valuable to their advertisers that they bought the company that provides the research findings.

Other publishers can use this service, too .

In addition to research, advertisers are providing qualified leads based on purchasing ability, web behaviors and other information that indicates readiness to buy a given product.  Of course, there are sponsored events (almost all virtual events during the pandemic), white papers, etc. – publishers are so much better at producing content-rich products than their advertisers are.

Do you know what your advertisers’ biggest challenges are, and how you can help them?