Social Media Panel at MMPA Summit Friday May 15 in Bloomington MN

Looking forward to leading a panel on social media practices by three very different publishing operations.  Panelists will be Liz Bredeson from Meredith, Jonathan Sweet from Boating Industry and Heidi Kushlan from 310 Publishing.  Questions I will want to ask:

1.  What benchmarks do you use to measure social media efforts?

2.  How do you choose which social sites to build engagement?

3.  How do you keep up with the every-changing social media landscape?

4. How are you answering the age-old question: how do you monetize social media?

5.  How much staff time is needed?  What is the sustainable level of activity — that sweet spot between too little to have an impact and too much time that impacts other goals?

6.  Why do we care about social media, and what do we get out of it?