The Economist Promotes Print, Digital Options in Donor Renewals

The Economist is one of the most successful magazines when it comes to promoting digital subscriptions.  And here’s a good example of how well they lay out their print and digital and combo offers.  Some details of their offer:

Print subscriptions for 51 issues = $109

Digital subscriptions are the same price, $109.

Print + Digital = $139.

They have apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.


Digital & Print Subscription Offers

The Economist clearly presents print, digital and combo subscrptions.

They also offer audio versions of their issues, and access to that comes with the digital option.

Their options are also supported with a consistent message on their web landing page:

Of course, The Economist also practices the most important publishing fundamental:  they provide a high-quality product–information that is useful to their audience and can’t be found anywhere else.

Smaller publishers with lower subscription prices and lower digital R & D budgets would do well to watch what The Economist does.  They should help us all figure out how to navigate the digital publishing world.