Time Magazine Senior Citizen Direct Mail Piece

When I first receive any direct mail piece, I take a professional
interest in it.  I like to see how other marketers put together their
analytic and creative powers together to sell magazines and other products.
The first time I got the “Senior Citizen” discount offer from Time magazine,
I thought:

1.  This can’t possibly work.  Who likes to be called a “senior citizen.” I’ll watch my mail and other people’s mail to see if this piece is ever used again (indicating it is a winning package).

2.  Then I got it again, and was aghast.  This package must be working!

3. What list did they get my name from?  I assume my name and address has been appended somewhere, and now I fit the definition of old age.

4.  Really?  I am not even eligible for social security yet, and recently hiked the GRAND CANYON, for goodness sake, so what else am I doing that labels me senior citizen material?

5.  Could the premium –the ULTRONIC Weather Station Clock!– play into
stereotypes any better? Because when you’re old and/or hiking the Grand
Canyon, you need weather information.  This is real copy from the piece “Why wait for the weather report?  With the ULTRONIC Weather Station Clock, you’ll have the forecast along with the time as soon as you wake up!”

Now that my crotchety old lady rant is over, I will  have to say that the deal offered — $20 for a year is cheaper than what I could find on the Internet.  So it really IS a deal.  Maybe I’ll start raising my  hands for senior citizen discounts now.

Time Magazine Senior Citizen Savings Offer

Time to embrace my age