What will the new Apple iOS 15 Email Privacy Changes Mean to Your Email Marketing?

In September, Apple will be making changes that mean you will not be able to track open rates on any emails sent to Apple Mail users.

If you obsessively track opens in your email campaigns, what does that mean? If you are sending out emails on behalf of advertisers, what does that mean to those programs?

Now is the time to prepare for the changes. First, do you know how many people are using Apple Mail to receive your emails? That would be a good first step to understand the scope of this problem.

This is also a good time to come up with a cross-department response to changes in technology that affect your digital programs. This isn’t the first sweeping change and won’t be the last sweeping change in how people will receive and respond to your editorial and marketing initiatives. How your organization comes together to respond to this change could prove to be a good blueprint for future changes.

Here is a good start to develop your team’s response. Read Eric Shanfelt’s article and share with your team.